Shopping center KAMELIJA

Shopping center "Kamelija"

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Shopping Centre Kamelija

Shopping Centre KAMELIJA is a new reason for having a good time in Kotor. Its location in the centre of Kotor and well-developed transportation infrastructure make the Shopping Centre Kamelija easily accessible.

Ancient surroundings, Basilica of St. Triphon, ramparts from the XI century, church of St. Lucas with two altars (both orthodox and catholic) – rich historic heritage which makes Kotor an attractive destination for a large number of tourists every year, including a growing number of large and luxury yachts, cruise ships of the most renowned companies, as well as the presence of VIP guests, globally known and renowned celebrities from show-business, whose shopping and relaxation needs will be entirely satisfied by the Shopping Centre Kamelija.

Shopping centre KAMELIJA is a new life beat of a town which lives 365 days a year.

Kamelija Before

Shopping Centre KAMELIJA was built in late 80s, and at the time it was considered a certain kind of shopping “miracle”, taking into account both its concept and its sales area covering 4.800 m². Even today, 30 years later, there is no such a facility on the Montenegrin coast that can be compared to the area and location of Kamelija having its purpose.

Kamelija Today

It is a modern, elegantly stylish and friendly place. Its architectural design is in accordance with all UNESCO standards and provisions, and thus it combines traditional and modern features. Shopping Centre Kamelija is easily accessible, comprising 120 parking lots, a ground-floor and additional two floors.


Napredak AD Kotor, one of the oldest trading companies in Montenegro, incorporated back in 1950 year. It is a member of EXPO Group, which is one of the most successful business groups in Montenegro.

Today, it is considered a company that combines traditional values and modern business practices, offering a wide range of activities and services.

Napredak AD Kotor is a reliable partner that focuses on the needs of clients, partners, and consumers, while acknowledging the importance of social responsibility and contribution to the community in which it operates.

Napredak AD Kotor is part of Expo Group, one of the most successful business conglomerates in Montenegro, comprising Expo Commerce D.O.O. Kotor, Lusso D.O.O., Autoboka Kotor, and Domaća Trgovina D.O.O.







3 min

from the city center


parking spaces

6865 m2

area of the shopping center