Cosmetics Perfumery

Cosmetics Perfumery


Cosmetics drugstore and Cosmetics Perfumery located in Shopping Mall Kamelija are an integral part of the retail chain of the company MPM d.o.o., founded more than 30 years ago (1990). At first the company’s affairs where related to wholesale and distributorship activities, later developing in the retail chain, known as Cosmetics. It consists of 37 sales points, of which there are:

  • 4 independent pharmacies (Cosmetics Pharmacy), and another 7 pharmacies are integrated in Cosmetics drugstores
  • 5 perfumeries (Cosmetics Perfumery)
  • 28 drugstores (Cosmetics)

The facilities are distributed in almost every city or town of Montenegro, in frequent locations (in some of them, even in several locations), as well as in shopping malls. The product portfolio consists of more than 20,000 items/unique EAN codes (make-up, face and body care products, hair products, personal hygiene products, household products, baby cosmetics and accessories, products for pets, beauty and style accessories, textiles, organic food products, food supplements, as well as medical appliances, pharmaceutical and pharmacology products in Cosmetics Pharmacies).

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