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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:



HALLOWEEN PARTY - Zabani park Zum Zum (31.10.2018 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm)

zum zum_halloween_2018
Shopping Center Kamelija on Wednesday 31th October with beginning 5:00pm will organise HALLOWEEN PARTY for youngest visitors in amusement park Zum Zum. Expects you: party under the masks, competition, fun, facepainting, pinata and worthy prizes.


NOC VJEŠTICA (31.10.2018 from 7:00pm)

SC Kamelija on Wednesday 31th October with beginning pm 7:00pm will organise "Halloween Party" in caffe pizzeria Sapori. Wizards from Kotor will prepare food for the bravest and all present will entertain Acustic duo Innuedo, Alisa's witch dance and Infinity dance fashion dance spectacle.


PRCANJSKI VREMEPLOV (20.10.2018. from 19:00h)

PRCANJSKI VREMEPLOV_20.10.2018SC Kamelija, NVU "Che nova”, NVO "Bope" & The street of Prčanj on Saturday, "20th October are going to organize "Prcanjski vremeplov" from 7:00pm in caffe pizzeria Sapori.We will bring you back into the past through the streets Prcnja with stories, songs, delicacies and unique pasticade.


Craft Beer Show (19.10.2018. od 11:00-22:00h)

Craft Beer_ShowSC Kamelija u saradnji sa PG Akademija piva u petak 19.10.2018. od 11:00 do 22:00h organizuje “Craft Beer Show”.

Sve posjetioce očekuje dobra zabava uz druženje, takmičenje, muziku, nagrade, konzumiranje austrijske kobasice i neizostavnog Craft piva.

Prijave ekipa za takmičenje u PIVSKIM IGRAMA slati mejlom na This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , do 18.10.2018.


Read more: Craft Beer Show (19.10.2018. od 11:00-22:00h)


PRVA PUZIJADA (05.10.2018. from 18:00h)

PRVA PUZIJADADear mums and dads, we inform you that on 05.10.2018 (friday) at 06:00pm. the first crawling contest will be held on the second floor. If you want to participate, register you baby crawler at the latest on 04.10.2018 (thursday) by sending a messagge in inbox on facebook page Kamelija Kotor or in shop Kids Land on second floor. Spending time with animators, certificates, awards, promotion of Avent, Chicco and Hipp products, short education about breastfeeding and also tasting cafee Nero & Negro is only a segment of party that we have prepared for you and for you whole family.


KRV SE DAJE - KRV SE OBNAVLJA KRV ZIVOT SPASAVA (02.10.2017. from 8:00am-01.00pm)

krv se_daje_krv_s_obnavljaD.O.O. ˝Boka Gard˝ Security-Kotor & doo”Školjke Boke” Kotor is going to organise 30th humanitarian action of donating blood named "KRV SE DAJE - KRV SE OBNAVLJA KRV ZIVOT SPAŠAVA". Action is going to be organized at second floor of Shopping Centre Kamelija 02.10.2018. (Tuesday) from 08:00am to 01:00pm.


POVRATAK U SKOLU (14.09.2018. from 18:30h)

POVRATAK U_SKOLU_14.09.2018Shopping centar Kamelia, at friday 14th September is going to organize "Back to the school" from 6:30 pm. Parents and children can learn about free time activities and lot of music and dance club will present themselves.


SOMERSBY SHOPPING NIGHT (03.08.2018. from 6:00 to 00:00 pm)

SOMERSBY SHOPPING_NIGHT_03.08.2018Shopping Centar Kamelija is going to organize "SOMERSBY SHOPPING NIGHT" at friday 03th August from 6:00 to 00:00 pm. All visitors will enjoy in music& salsa party, and for the youngest we prepare intercourse with favourite cartoon heroes, and most important - Refresh yourself with SOMERSBY & duscounts up to 70%.


SAJAM SIRA, VINA I MASLINA (31.07.2018. from 6:00pm to 10:00pm)

SAJAM SIRA_VINA_I_MASLINA_31072018Shopping centar Kamelija is going to organize"Sajam sira, vina i maslina" at 31th Jul 2018 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Manufacturers from Montenegro and region will present their products, and people will have possibiliti to try their poroducts and they will be also music concert of Acoustic duo Innuedo.


Sajam domacih proizvoda (29.06.2018 from 10:00-21:00h)

Sajam domaćih_proizvoda_29.06.2018SC Kamelija, on Friday 29.06.2018. from 10:00am - 9:00pm organizes traditional "Sajam domacih proizvoda" You can expect more exhibitors from Montenegro and the region, which will introduce you to local products, food and drink, honey and medicinal herbs and more. Welcome.


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 OFFICE SHOES je otvorio svoja vrata i u SC Kamelija u Kotoru. Očekujemo vas u prijatnom ambijentu gdje...
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