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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:


NOVOGODISNJI BAZAR (27.12.2018. from 10:00am-8:00pm)

novogodisni bazar_27122018
Shopping Centre Kamelija is going to organize event „Novogodisnji bazar“ on 27th December form 10:00am to 8:00pm. Participants are going to represent New Year’s hand made souvenirs.


PRAZNIČNA TRPEZA (21.12.2018. 19:00h)

praznicna trpeza_21122018
21.12. u 19:00h predstavljamo prazničnu trpezu u Kameliji!
Očekuje vas degustacija slatkih i slanih delicija, praznične priče, topla atmosfera i muzičko zabavni program.
Učesnici su: NVU Bope Prčanj, MZ Stari Grad, NVU Kavačka ala maka, Udruženje žena Risan, NVU Ćakulonija, Pjevačko društvo Grbalj.
Budite i Vi gost naše praznične trpeze.


KAMLIJA SHOPPING NIGHT (07.12.2018. from 5:00pm-11:00pm)

kamelija shopping_night_07122018
The night we are all waiting for.

Discount up to 70%, dj party, promotion of Craft beers and Austrian sausages.
Children’s party start at 6 pm on second floor.



KAMELIJA FASHION SHOW (30.11.2018 from 7:00pm)

kamelija fashion_show_30
SC Kamelija, in cooperation with fashion agency Mondaine Models, is going to organize event "KAMELIJA FASHION SHOW" on Friday, November 30 at 7:00 pm.

You will have opportunity to see the collection of our designer Lazare Ilic "Celebrate Life" and new collections of famous brands Kids Land, OVS, Fashion&Friends, Lisca, Cesare, Legend, Sport Vision, Fantasy, Premium Stars and Cinderella's fashion studio.


BAROK U KAMELIJI (22.11.2018. from 7:00pm)

SC Kamelija in cooperation with dance club "MODEST" is going to organize event "Barok u Kameliji" on Thursday, November 22th at 7:00pm. All the present will enjoy in fashion show performance, ballet, concert and tasting sweet - salted cakes.


KOTORSKA PASTA (17.11.2018. from 7:00h)

SC Kamelija in cooperation with the Local Community Stari grad and TO Kotor for the 17th November are going to organize "Kotorska pasta" from 7:00pm in caffe pizzeria Sapori. Cakes (made by traditional recipes gastronomic culture of our city) will be served to all visitors. Program will complete musical program, interesting stories and quiz.


KOSTANJADA U KAMELIJI (15.11.2018. from 7:00pm)

SC Kamelija in cooperation with TO Kotor and Kamelija Stoliv on Thursday 15th November from 7:00pm going to organize " Kostanjada u Kameliji". Don't miss one more nice gathering in caffe pizzeria Sapori. Tasting the autumn, the coastal delicacies with a musical performance of " DVA GALIOTA".


Porodica i dijabetes (14.11.2018. from 6:00pm )

Shopping Centre Kamelija in cooperation with the medical team of the Dom Zdravlja Kotor and supermarkets Aroma celebrating "World Diabetes Day.” From 6:00pm on the first floor of the medical team SC Kamelija Dom Zdravlja Kotor visitors scoops blood sugar and blood pressure, will provide citizens advice on the prevention of diabetes, share educational material etc.
Supermarket Aroma will meet all presents with the rules of healthy eating.


HALLOWEEN PARTY - Zabani park Zum Zum (31.10.2018 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm)

zum zum_halloween_2018
Shopping Center Kamelija on Wednesday 31th October with beginning 5:00pm will organise HALLOWEEN PARTY for youngest visitors in amusement park Zum Zum. Expects you: party under the masks, competition, fun, facepainting, pinata and worthy prizes.


NOC VJEŠTICA (31.10.2018 from 7:00pm)

SC Kamelija on Wednesday 31th October with beginning pm 7:00pm will organise "Halloween Party" in caffe pizzeria Sapori. Wizards from Kotor will prepare food for the bravest and all present will entertain Acustic duo Innuedo, Alisa's witch dance and Infinity dance fashion dance spectacle.


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